Puerto Vallarta Travel Information

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Before you go you should know...

Traveling to the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico requires a little bit of advance planning, but it is well worth it.

  • A valid passport is required, even for infants and small children. Each family will be given a tourist card on entry, which you're required to keep until you exit the country.
  • Bring your Admittance & Authorization letter (provided by the condo owner) to the receptionist and he or she will give you keys to your unit.
  • It is smart to call your Credit Card Company and advise them of your trip dates so they don't "turn off" your card, thinking it has been stolen and taken to Mexico! Many places take credit cards but international fees apply on most cards (around 3% of the sales price) so check ahead.
  • You can bring pesos if you want, but it is not necessary. You can exchange money at the airport, at banks (with your passport), and at exchange booths called "Cambios" (which are almost as prevalent as Starbucks stores in Seattle). American dollars are often accepted so bring as much as you feel comfortable with or use ATMs (subject to your bank's foreign transaction fees).

When you arrive enjoy the chaos...

The airport can be busy, but go with the flow through customs and baggage claim. Upon exiting there will be a unique red light/green light system. Green you go...red they may search your bags. Then through the gauntlet of timeshare vendors! Smile politely and push through to get a cab at the booth by the exit. "Free" rides mean you are stuck in a timeshare presentation for half a day. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  • If your driver doesn't know our private building, the condo unit is about 25 minutes south of the airport, near Lazaro Cardenas Park and just beachward of "Hotel Eloisa." Taxis from the airport are regulated. Getting around town rarely costs more than $5. Buses are a fun adventure for a fraction of the price and a good way to use up those little pesos that accumulate.
  • The entry gate to the reception area is always locked but the receptionist can see you and will "buzz" you in. There is also a buzzer at the upper right of the gate if you don't see anyone.
  • You will be asked to present your reservation documents and passport (which the receptionist will photocopy) and a $10 fully refundable deposit which will be required for the keys to the condominium.
  • Our wonderful receptionists can help you with everything from dinner suggestions and reservations to simply keeping your key at the front desk so you don't have to carry it with you. They can help you reserve the BBQ on the rooftop ($5 deposit) or give you keys to the laundry ($3 for three hours), which is also on the top floor.

The best is yet to come, let the vacation begin...

Your room has been personally designed and fully appointed with all the conveniences you should need, but if you are missing something or it isn't working, please let the front desk know and they will do their best to accommodate you. However, each unit is individually owned, so it is a bit different than a hotel in what they can offer.

  • Internet and wi-fi vary from room to room, but if you have any problems contact the front desk.
  • There are ceiling fans in each room and conveniently placed door stops to keep the ocean breeze from slamming your doors closed and scaring you to death! Air conditioners should be used when needed but if you would be so kind as to turn them off if you leave the condo or have the doors open, we can be as "green" as possible (we all have individual electric meters, so we do get billed).
  • Purified drinking water is provided at no charge and can be restocked with a call to the receptionist. Fruits and veggies need to be soaked in water and Microdyn. Most units supply Microdyn and the easy instructions are provided on the bottle.
  • A garbage chute (basura) is located just around the corner from the elevator. Glass and cans can be put in the bucket next to the chute for the maids to recycle.
  • Maid service is provided three days a week, including the day you check out. Most maids speak very little English. We suggest tipping $10 per person, per week. We would hope you consider that a minimum as they only make $12 in wages for an 8 hour day. There is an envelope at the front desk to put the tips in and it is truly the highlight of their week when it is opened and recorded. Oddly enough, maids don't do dishes so you are on your own there.
  • Each room contains a detailed information booklet that has information about house rules, drinking water, foods, medicines, doctors, hospitals, and everything else we could think of to help you enjoy Mexico.
  • Check out time is noon, but you can put your suitcases in the lobby until your flight.

Enjoy your stay and come back soon...

We hope you love our "home away from home" in Puerto Vallarta as much as we do. It is never too early to book next year's stay. Our rule is that we are never as sad to leave if we already have our next trip planned!